Buying a New Build

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Here at Powderly Solicitors LLP we are delighted to help clients in relation to the purchase of their new homes.

Due to the proximity of our offices in North Kildare we are fortunate to be able to cater for clients from Kildare, Meath and Dublin.

Our goal in all transactions is to make the process as easy as possible for our clients to understand and for the transaction to conclude as fast as possible.

The starting point in our service is to provide our client with the most competitive quote within 24 hours of receiving the call.

We will then take the client through the process they will be facing.

  1. The first port of call for any client will be to pass our names on to the auctioneer and to the lending institution that they are getting their mortgage with.
  2. Thereafter once we receive the contracts and title documentation from the solicitor for the developer we will deal with any queries on the legal title as well as on the contract to ensure that there are no issues with the property. We would also carry out a planning search to make sure that all planning has been complied with. We then advise clients accordingly on any issues that they may be facing before they fully commit to the transaction.
  3. A loan pack will then be issued from the buyer’s lending institution.  We will go through all the documentation with our clients to ensure that they completely understand their mortgage terms and conditions.
  4. Once we are satisfied with the legal title and the client are happy to sign their mortgage offer we send the contracts with a contract deposit over to the vendor’s solicitor and return the loan documents back to the lending institution.
  5. Should you be a first-time buyer we will also organise the drawdown of the help to buy scheme which helps first time buyers in putting up the monies for their deposit.
  6. Shortly after, we should receive the signed contract from the developer’s solicitor.
  7. Our client will then be given notification from the developer that the property is ready to be snagged.
  8. We would always recommend that you carry out the snag with a qualified surveyor/engineer.  This is to ensure that structurally the property has been built to the best standards possible.
  9. Once the snag has been approved we then organise a date for closing.
  10. Prior to the closing date we then set about drawing down your mortgage to transfer over to the developers’ solicitors.  Once we are in receipt of closing documents, we then organise the transfer of the closing funds over to the developer’s solicitors.
  11. Once monies are exchanged and we are satisfied on the morning that all closing documentation is in order, we will carry out searches on the property and both sets of clients to make sure that no legal issues will arise after the transaction.
  12. Finally, after the transaction is complete we will pay all stamp duty that is owed to the Revenue and register the property with the Land Registry.


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