Medical Negligence

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As highlighted in our previous article, doctors owe a significant duty of care to their patients once they come under their care.

However, it should be noted that doctors and medical practitioners will not be held liable when he or she makes an error of judgement, provided that the error was not an unreasonable one.

Many people find this difficult to understand that the standard of care for medical practitioners is lenient in circumstances when their advice and actions can have such detrimental consequences for a patient.

However, in the course of medical treatments, in particular where one needs urgent care, certain diagnosis and treatment mistakes will occur regardless of whether the medical practitioner acted carelessly or not.

The Courts do not want to create a situation where medical practitioners have to consult with lawyers before making medical care decisions for their patients.

Allowing this room for genuine error and medical misadventure allows doctors and medical practitioners to concentrate on their patients’ health rather than be concerned with litigation in the future.

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