Nervous Shock Claims

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Witnesses to an accident may have a potential claim for what is called nervous shock.

This arises in respect of a third-party claim, where a Plaintiff witnesses the injury/fatal injury/ the aftermath of an injury and as a result develops a reactive psychiatric illness.

The Supreme Court in their judgement in Kelly -v- Hennessey, laid down a number of factors the court considers when deciding on cases of nervous shock.  They are the following:

  1. Has he or she has suffered a recognisable psychiatric illness?
  2. Has the illness been shocked induced?
  3. Has nervous shock been caused by the Defendant’s act or omissions?

The plaintiff must also prove the following:

  1. The nervous shock must be by reason of actual or apprehended physically injury to the Plaintiff or a person other than the Plaintiff.
  2. The Plaintiff must show the Defendant owed him or her a duty of care not to cause him or her unreasonable foreseeable injury in the form of nervous shock 

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