New Duty of Care

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Business Owners welcome New Duty of Care for their Visitors or Customers.

The Courts and Civil Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2022 has made several amendments to the Occupiers Liability Act 1995. The new duty of care will be greatly welcomed by anyone running a business or owning a premises.

The following are some of the key developments:-

  1. The change in the standard of care to clarify that when the occupier of a property has acted with reckless disregard for a visitor or customer, it is the standard of reckless disregard rather than reasonable grounds which should apply in relation to any consideration of liability.
  2. It has also placed limits to circumstances in which a court can impose liability on an occupier of a premises, where a person has entered onto the premises for the purpose of committing an offence and also in respect of the same owner and occupier.

This New Duty of Care ensures that business owners and occupiers of premises feel more secure in the knowledge that it would be considerably harder to show that there has been a breach of duty to the care of their visitors or customers.

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